Code Enforcement

The primary goal of Code Enforcement is to improve, maintain, and develop the quality of life in the City of University Park through education and enforcement of the City's ordinances.  These ordinances and minimum standards are contained in the University Park Code of Ordinances.  Certain requirements have been highlighted below for your convenience.  Residents and property owners should familiarize themselves with these requirements to ensure that their property is in compliance.  If you have any questions about this information you may contact Code Enforcement at 214-987-5411, or you may file a complaint online about a property that you believe to be in violation of the City requirements.

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 Abandoned bikes
Nuisances - Debris/Trash
Exterior Structure
Swimming Pools/Spas
High Grass & Weeds
Garage Doors
Address Numbers
Home Occupation
Rental/Occupancy of Property
Garage Sales
Exterior Lights - Glare
Accessory Structures

‚ÄčAbandoned bikes

  • Rented bicycles that are found unattended in the City of University Park Rights of Way will be considered abandoned. To report a rented bicycle that has been abandoned, click here. City staff will then contact the bikeshare program (VBike, LimeBike, SpinBike, OFO, etc) for removal. 


  • Property owners or residents are responsible for maintaining the condition of the fence around their property.  Fences that lean severely or are missing slats are in violation.
  • Any person erecting, moving, repairing or replacing more than 25% of any one side of a fence in University Park must first obtain a permit.

Nuisances - Debris/Trash:

  • Property owners are responsible for ensuring that their property is maintained in a clean, safe and sanitary condition, free of any nuisances, including unsound structures or any trash or debris which may be hazardous to the environment or children.


  • Junked or inoperative vehicles may not be stored in public view. Vehicles must be parked on a paved surface.

Exterior Structure:

  • The exterior of a structure must remain structurally sound.  All windows must be supplied with approved glazing materials.  All exposed wood surfaces must be protected with paint or other weather resistant material.


  • It is the property owner's responsibility to maintain sidewalks adjacent to their property in a safe, accessible condition.  Sidewalks must be kept free of mud, ice, debris, or any other obstruction that could impair or prevent their use.

Swimming Pools/Spas

  • Swimming pools must be maintained safe, secure, and free of stagnant water.  A fence with a self-closing, self-locking gate is required to completely surround a swimming pool and must meet the requirements found in the Code of Ordinances.


  • Alleys and sidewalks must be kept free of overhanging limbs and branches.  On corner lots, vegetation may not obstruct vision at a street or alley intersection.  Trees and shrubs must be trimmed to prevent obstruction of stop signs or other traffic signage.

High Grass and Weeds:

  • Property owners or residents are responsible for maintaining the grass and weeds on their property.  Grass and weeds are in violation when they reach a height of 8 inches.
  • Owners or residents are responsible for maintaining the alley easement adjacent to their property to the midpoint of the alley.

Garage Doors:

  • Garage doors should be reasonably plumb when closed, and shall be kept in sound condition and good repair.  To help prevent crime, please keep garage doors closed at night.

Address Numbers:

  • To help Police and Fire respond quickly to emergency calls, address numbers must be posted so that they are plainly visible from the street and the alley.  NOTE: Four-inch numbers must be posted in the front yard of residences, and if alleys exist, also on the rear of the property.  Curb marking do not meet address numbering requirements.

Home Occupations:

  • An occupation conducted by a residing member of the occupant's family that does not offer goods or services at the premises is allowed.  Such occupation shall not involve the employment of assistants or other persons, require structural alterations to the building, involve the installation of machinery or equipment, advertising or signage, storage or warehousing of goods or materials, or cause the generation of additional traffic.

Rental/Occupancy of Property:

  • In the residential districts, no more than two (2) unrelated individuals may occupy a dwelling unit, building or portion of a building.  A dwelling unit may only be located in the main building.
  • Accessory buildings may be occupied only by immediate family members and/or full-time domestic servant or servants.  All such adult occupants must be employed by the owner/occupant of the property.

Garage Sales

  • Sales are allowed twice per calendar year.  One sign is allowed in the seller's immediate yard.  No additional signage is allowed.

Exterior Lights - Glare:

  • Exterior lights shall be shielded or placed so as not to create excessive glare, a traffic hazard, or public nuisance.

Accessory Structures:

  • All accessory structures require a permit prior to being built.  Please contact the Community Development Department at 214-987-5411 for information regarding setbacks, construction materials and height limitations.


  • With drought conditions continuing across North Texas, the City Council has amended  the City’s water conservation ordinance.   Outdoor watering by automatic sprinkler systems is now limited to twice a week, year-round. For more information on these restrictions, click here.