Accessory Requirements

Any new construction of, additions to, or remodeling within an accessory structure must be permitted and meet the following restrictions:

  • Accessory buildings shall not be used for rental purposes or barter exchange.
  • Accessory buildings may be occupied only by immediate family members and/or full-time domestic servants.
  • Bathrooms and other plumbing facilities are allowed. Kitchen, cooking and food preparation facilities located in accessory buildings designed or used for residential living and associated with single-family use of the property are permitted once a Deed Restriction for kitchens in Accessory Buildings has been filed with Dallas County.
  • All utilities (elect., phone, etc.) must come from the main residential structure on the property.  Separate meters are prohibited.

Accessory buildings must meet the following setback requirements:

  • 3 ft. minimum setback from interior property line to closest point of structure.
  • On corner lots, must meet the side building line setback for the zoning district in which it is located.
  • 3 ft. minimum setback from the rear property line.  A greater setback is required if there are openings above 12’-6”, or if an opening is formed for a garage door.
  • 6 ft. minimum setback from the structure to the main building.
  • 15 ft. minimum setback from the main building if attached by a breezeway.
  • Maximum plate line height of 12’-6”. Maximum overall height of 25 ft.

Contact the Community Development Department to obtain other requirements such as maximum lot coverage, wall heights, etc. at 214-987-5411.