Citizen Committees

The City's statutory boards and citizen advisory committees are comprised of volunteer residents appointed by the Mayor and Council. The two-year term of appointment corresponds with the biennial Council elections. The Committee system is intended to provide an avenue for direct input from citizens, as well as an opportunity for the City to benefit from the considerable expertise represented by University Park residents.

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Statutory Boards - The statutory boards are required by Texas law and empowered to give opinions and grant variances to City ordinances within their subject area.
Advisory Committees - The advisory committees exist to make recommendations and give advice based upon the members' collective knowledge.
Higher Education Authorities - The Authorities are separate corporations created by the City. The Authorities are authorized to issue tax-exempt debt for the purpose of making loans to private colleges and universities in Texas. The Board of Directors for each Authority is appointed for a two-year term.
  • Southwest Higher Education Authority Board of Directors
  • Texas Higher Education Authority Board of Directors

Board of Adjustment - The Board of Adjustment is a statutory body comprised of five regular members and three alternate members. It is a quasi-judicial body with jurisdiction to hear and decide appeals of determinations made by the Building Official, special exceptions to the terms of the Zoning Ordinance and special exceptions to the terms of the Sign Ordinance. All meetings are open public hearings.

Planning and Zoning Commission - The Planning and Zoning Commission is a statutory committee comprised of five regular members and three alternate members. Predominantly an advisory committee to the City Council, it hears requests for Planned Developments, Specific Use Permits, amendments to the Zoning Ordinance, and platting requests. The Commission's decision is then forwarded to the City Council for final action.

Capital Projects Review - The committee was created to advise the City Council on capital project planning and funding. Committee duties include:

  • Reviewing the City's Capital Improvement Program (CIP) annually and making a recommendation to the City Council regarding adoption;
  • Considering requests for additions or modifications to the CIP;
  • Meeting on a regular basis to review the status of approved capital projects.

Commercial-Retail Advisory - Comprised of residents, building owners and merchants, the committee was created to review and comment on a variety of issues associated with the City’s commercial areas.

Employee Benefits - The committee reviews and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the City's employee pay practices and benefits. The committee reviews the proposed salary ordinance, health, life and long-term disability insurance, proposed changes to the retirement system, and proposed changes to benefits such as sick leave and vacation time.

Finance - This committee advises and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the financial activities of the City. These activities include the annual budget and property tax rate recommendations, the annual financial statements, investment policy and reports, and capital needs that might require the issuance of debt. The committee meets quarterly.

Legislative - The committee reviews federal and state legislation that may have bearing upon the operations or status of the City. Members write letters and lobby legislators in an effort to protect the interests of the City. The group meets as a whole only when pressing matters emerge, otherwise members individually review legislative material when Congress and the State Legislature are in session.

Park - The committee reviews policies and programs that concern the City's parks, such as maintenance, construction, and planning. The committee also reviews fees and other user regulations regarding the parks, tennis courts, Goar Park pavilion, and the swimming pool.

Property Casualty and Liability Insurance - This committee monitors and makes recommendations to the City Council regarding the City's insurance needs and purchases for property, casualty, liability and worker's compensation insurance. The Committee reviews the status of the Self-Insurance Fund, claims, and safety programs.

Public Facilities Naming – This committee considers citizen recommendations regarding the naming of City facilities and public properties (parks, park amenities, public streets). It meets only when a naming request or suggestion has been received.

Public Safety - The Committee reviews and monitors issues relating to police and fire protection, and gives community members a forum to discuss concerns. The committee also may review and make recommendations as assigned by the City Council.

Public Utility - The committee monitors the practices and procedures of utility companies that operate in the City. The committee also reviews utility franchise agreements prior to their renewal.

Public Works - The Committee reviews the policies and projects of the Public Works Department and provides a forum for citizens to give their opinions about processes and decisions related to the department.

SMU Land Sale Reserve Committee - The Committee consists of five members including the current Mayor, two former Council members, the current Chairman of the Finance Advisory Committee and the Chairman of the Capital Projects Review Committee. By resolution, the Committee meets prior to the expenditures of monies from the SMU Land Sale Reserve to review the proposed expenditure and make a recommendation to Council as to whether the funds should be expended for that purpose.

Zoning and Development Advisory (ZADAC) - The Zoning and Development Advisory Committee (Z.A.D.A.C.) serves as a citizen advisory committee to the University Park City Council.  Z.A.D.A.C. is forwarded issues from the City Council regarding the Zoning Ordinance. These are usually issues that will require prolonged discussion and many times input from local builders, architects, and developers.

In addition, this group helps review plans and designs involving lighting, screening walls, signage, and other issues that will affect the overall look and feel of University Park. Z.A.D.A.C. also reviews applications for new special sign districts and amendments to existing special sign districts.  Z.A.D.A.C. meets as needed and is an "invitation only" meeting.  Recommendations from Z.A.D.A.C. are forwarded to P&Z and the City Council.

Southwest Higher Education Authority Board of Directors - The Board, created as a non-profit corporation under the Texas Education Code, aids non-profit institutions of higher education in financing educational and housing facilities. This particular authority was created solely to aid Southern Methodist University.

Texas Higher Education Authority Board of Directors - The Board is a non-profit corporation created under the Texas Education Code. The Authority serves institutions of higher education at large in the state by making low cost loans for school facilities