What if you hit a line when digging?
  • If you damage a natural gas pipeline (even if it’s only a nick, scrape, or dent), call 911 and then call Atmos Energy’s emergency number at 866-322-8667, so that Atmos can inspect the pipeline and make any repairs. Even minor damage can weaken a pipeline and cause a future leak.
  • If you damage a water / sewer line, call the City of University Park water emergency line at 214-987-5496.
  • If you damage other cables, phone lines, etc., call 811 back and report a “dig up” ticket. Texas811 will identify the line and let the excavator contact the company directly to report the damage. The company will send out a repair crew to restore service.  The City must also be contacted at the time of damage at 214-987-5405.

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3. What if you hit a line when digging?