Field Closure Policy (Sign Postings)

Fields Are Closed Sign

To help preserve turf and the infield dirt on the City's numerous playing fields and open grass areas, any time a field or ball diamond is left unplayable because of wet conditions, closed signs will be displayed on the playing surface. These signs will provide residents with a quick visual reminder of the playing status of particular sites. Once a sign has been posted at a particular site, that park's fields or ball diamonds will remain closed until the signs are removed (the sign does not prohibit the use of playground equipment at that particular park).

The sign system will govern field use by athletic teams for the local YMCA, teams from the Highland Park Independent School District (HPISD), and residents observing open play. Individuals or teams that use a field or ball diamond when signs are posted will be told to end their activity. A second offense by that same individual or team will result in the loss of field privileges and could result in a substantial fine.

Groups can also call the "Rain Out" number at 214-987-5680 to determine if the fields are open.