City News Briefs

January 29, 2016

Planting/Gardening Tips and Water Conservation - March 1 program

The City of University Park and the Town of Highland Park are partnering with Texas A&M AgriLife Extension on four information-packed programs for those interested in landscaping and water conservation. The next one is coming up.

Tuesday, March 1, 2016 Native and Adaptive Plants

6:30 pm - 8:30 pm
 University Park Public Library - 3rd floor meeting room
8383 Preston Center Plaza, Suite 200 

This program covers a selection of minimal water use plants that are native and adaptive and ideal for a sustainable landscape or garden. You will learn proper soil preparation, proper planning, and native and adaptive plant selection.  The program is free, but you must RSVP for this program.
Aggravated Robbery at Snider Plaza Shell Gas Station

At 3:22 p.m. January 29 an aggravated robbery occurred at the Shell Gas Station at 7035 Snider Plaza.  The suspect approached the victim while she was pumping gas and demanded her purse. A young child was in the vehicle when the suspect brandished a knife, reached into the vehicle and grabbed the purse.  No one was injured in the incident.
The suspect entered the passenger side of a black Dodge Challenger with dark tinted windows and temporary plates. The suspect is described as a black female, 5’5”,150 pounds, early 30s, dark complexion, wearing a pink pullover shirt with purple stripes and a floppy black leather hat.  The vehicle was last seen headed west bound on Lovers Lane.
Anyone with information about this incident is asked to contact the University Park Police Department at 214-363-3000. 

2016 vehicle stickers/visitor parking placards required in parking district adjacent to SMU 

Live in the Hillcrest East or Hillcrest West Parking District adjacent to the SMU campus?  Make sure you have a 2016 sticker on your vehicle and that guest vehicles are displaying a 2016 visitor tag.  The 2016 stickers and tags are necessary to park curbside.  2015 stickers and tags are subject to citation.   

For details about the application process and parking district specifics, CLICK HERE.  

Questions and Answers on City watering restrictions

Q:  Are watering restrictions in University Park still in place?
A:  Yes.  Watering by automatic sprinkler systems is limited to twice a week, year-round.  Residents with addresses ending in
       an even number can use automatic sprinklers on Sundays and Thursdays.  Addresses ending in an odd number can use
       automatic sprinklers on Saturdays and Wednesdays.
Q:  When can UP residents begin using their automatic watering systems in the daytime? 
A:  Residents can use their automatic watering systems at any time of the day or night from October 31           
      to April 1.  Residents can water year-round, on any day of the week, with a hand-held hose, a drip       
      irrigation device or soaker hose.

For more information on the City’s twice-a-week watering ordinance and for watering tips, click here.

Automatic Sprinkler Use Prohibited in Freezing Weather

City Ordinance prohibits the use of automatic sprinkler systems when the temperature is at or below 32 degrees. This measure is intended to reduce the likelihood of vehicle and pedestrian accidents caused by runoff that freezes on sidewalks, streets and alley surfaces.  Property owners who are responsible for these dangerous conditions are subject to Municipal Court fines.