Conflict of Interest

Chapter 176 of the Texas Local Government Code requires a vendor to file a conflict of interest questionnaire if the vendor has a business relationship with the city and has:

(1) an employment or other business relationship with an officer or an officer’s family member that results in that person receiving taxable income that is more than $2,500 in the preceding twelve (12) months; or

(2) has given an officer or an officer’s family member one or more gifts totaling more than $250 in the preceding twelve months.

A vendor is required to file a questionnaire not later than the seventh business day after the latter of the following:

(1) the date the vendor begins discussions or negotiations to enter into a contract with the city or submits an application or response to a bid proposal; or

(2) the date the vendor becomes aware of a relationship or gives a gift to an officer or officer’s family member.

The conflict of interest questionnaire (Form CIQ) was created by the Texas Ethics Commission and is available online at  The form must be filed with the city secretary.

Conflict of Interest Questionnaire (Form CIQ)

Texas Local Government Code, Chapter 176

Filed CIQ forms -- Coming Soon!